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Graseal Gasket

Graseal Gasket
  • Graseal Gasket Tape
  • Graseal Cut Gasket

Metal Gasket

Metal Gasket
  • Solid Metal Gasket
  • Serrated Metal Gasket
  • Metal-O-Seal

Metal Jacket Gasket

Metal Jacket Gasket
  • Asbestos Filled Metal Jacket Gasket
  • Asbestos Filled Corrugated Metal Jacket Gasket
  • NA Metal Jacket Gasket
  • FineFlex Filled Metal Jacket Gasket
  • Metal Jacket Gasket with Graseal Tape

Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gasket
  • Rubber Sheet
  • Duck Inserted Rubber Sheet
  • Ebilon Gasket
  • Ebilon Gasket with PTFE Film
  • Rubber O-RIng

Spiral Wound Gasket

Spiral Wound Gasket
  • Naflon Vortex Gasket
  • Graseal Vortex Gasket
  • NA Vortex Gasket
  • Vortex Gasket-LG
  • Vortex Gasket-LGS
  • Non-Circular Vortex Gasket
  • Heat Exchanger Vortex Gasket

Tombo No. 1120 --> ClinsilŽ-TOP

Features :

It can be used at 260℃×1MPa condition.

This gasket can be used for 2MPa saturated steam.

Seal performance and chemical resistance are quite

similar to conventional asbestos joint sheets.

"m" and "y" value are the same as asbestos joint sheets.

Maximum outer diameter is 2520 mm and irregular

shapes are available.

Not like graphite sheet, surface is not scratched by

normal handling process. Also good in flexibility.

Thanks to the flexibility of expanded graphite, bolt

re-tightening is possible.

It will not cause corrosion pitching when it is used for

stainless steel flange.

Applications :

Gaskets for various types of piping flanges, valves,

equipment etc.

Service Range (For details, please refer to the

diagram on page 10)

Temperature : –29℃ ~ 260

Pressure : Saturated steam, hot water

Water, salt solutions, weak acid and

weak alkali solutions. Max.4.0MPa {30Of/F}

Oil at 120or lower. Max.4.0MPa {30Of/F}

Air, exhaust gas, inert gas.




Asbestos Jointing Sheet

We supply Asbestos Jointing Sheets besides Tombo brand that meet your needs. To order please call/fax us using the number at the bottom of the page.

Tombo No. 1995 NA Jointing Sheet, Clinsil-Brown

Tombo No. 1995 NA Jointing Sheet, Clinsil-Brown Special heat resisting fibers blended with oil-resisting rubber, inorganic filler and curing agents, are compressed and calendered under high temperature and pressure into a sheet form of uniform thickness.
It contains no asbestos filler. detail

Tombo No. 9100 Super Jointing Seal

Black color paste made of graphite powder and heat resistant adhesive.
When dry, add water for dilution. detail

Tombo No. 9105 Aqua-Tight Paste

White color paste made of oil-soluable binder and fine mica powders. detail